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Supporting Collaborative Cities

After facilitating at the recent URBACT Summer University in Rotterdam, we have now agreed to support URBACT(the EU's learning and collbaortation programme for cities) in both their Action Planning Networks and the new Implementation Networks. Ian was approached by the City of Ghent to take on the Lead Expert role for their new Implementation Network, which is focussed on helping young people stay in school longer and maximise their skills and we were also approached to provide Ad Hoc Expert support to the Tech Town network, led by Barnsley Council and working with towns/smaller cities to grow their digital and tech economies.

The network led by Ghent is formally startingnext month at the kick-off event in Paris and will run for 30 months. Tech Town are already one year into their project (see Hack the Block) and are ramping up their activity, with local groups in each of the partner cities now becoming active in collbaoratively designing and creating the change they wish to see locally, learning from other cities in the network and collaborating both locally and transnationally to create stronger outcomes.

We are really looking forward to working with a whole range of people over the coming months. URBACT is a great programme and really shows the difference that can be made by working collboratively across boundaries and borders to create tangible improvements in the prosperity of a place and its people. In the current climate, working together with peers has never been more important and it is a must of cities and local authorities if they are to survive, let alone prosper.

We are pleased to be part of making that happen. We are excited about the journey.

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