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Stay Tuned!

We're thrilled to announce that the Stay Tuned network we are supporting has been approved for it's second phase! After submitting the phase 2 application with the City of Ghent in April, the URBACT monitoring committee approved the project to continue for the further two years to June 2019. Ian will continue to support the project and particualrly Ghent as the Lead Partner in his role as URBACT Lead Expert.

The project will explore the dynamics of implementing policy and strategy within the 9 cities in the network:

Ghent | Gothenburg | Berlin | Tallinn | Aveiro | Barcelona | Nantes | Ampelokipi-Menemeni (Thessaloniki) | Sofia

The cities are all working on implementing policy to reduce school drop outs and young people leaving educaiton and training before completing / obtaining upper secondary level qualifications. You can see more about it on the URBACT pages for the project ( and we will be adding further information here as the project progresses.

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